Cost breakdown of faux wood blinds…2inch standard cordlock.

The folllowing costs  are for a standard 2inch in size 32 wide by 54 long. This size realistically reflects most windows used in single sash construction.

The prices quoted reflect a 30% discount on brands that are well made and have a history of lasting and working smoothly.

HunterDouglas Everwood… 149.00  Nice thick slat with a great standard valance. Cost more but worth it.

HunterDouglas Woodmate… 118.00 Slightly thinner slat and plainer valance.Great price point

HunterDouglas First Edition… 108.00 Thinner slat than Woodmate with a simple valance. Great price and you still get a Hunter Douglas product.

Graber Lake Forest… 85.00  Thin slat. Super plain valance. Less robust than HunterDouglas but still ok.

Anything priced below 85.00 for this size is a lesser quality product prone to binding ,warping and other problems.


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